Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WTF is with Britney?

I wasn't going to blog about Britney Spears latest cries for attention, because I figured there would be enough blog reading on the subject, but after seeing today that she's gone and checked herself out of rehab for the second time in a week, I have to say WTF?!

The girl is obviously crying out for attention, and she's most definitely getting it. She shaved her head... big deal! She shaved it for personal attention, not to make any sort of statement like when Sinead O'Connor shaved her noggin a few years back. No, I don't think crazy Brit is about making any kind of statements, other than the fact that she's a spoiled celebrity that perhaps isn't all that as she would like to be.

Get a life Britney...think of your babies! Do you want them to be embarrassed by who their mother is and what she's done in her life? Those poor kids.


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