Thursday, February 15, 2007

Slacking off at work!

Every day at work -- well, when it's not busy -- my friend and I always check out the Globe and Mail website to see what's new. Technically, we're not supposed to use the internet for any sort of enjoyment viewing. It's strictly for business purposes, but whatever! Anyway, I always check their section titled Day in Pictures to see what sort of pictures they have to look at. Every day brings new pictures to see, and they have some of the coolest pictures from around the world! Today, there was the most beautiful picture of a little Cardinal perched on a tree branch covered in ice. The colors of this little bird are so vibrant! I would post a copy of it here, but I'm afraid I may be imposing on the copyright of the picture. So I hope you'll head over there today to see this amazing picture before they change for tomorrow's pics.


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