Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review my post

Have you all been noticing a new addition to many of my posts lately? I'm talking about this little button that says "Get Paid To Review My Post"...

This is something else that is new to PayPerPost since the new changes went into effect, and this is something pretty awesome! Yes, you really will get paid from PayPerPost to review my post when you click on one of those buttons! Now just how cool is that? But the really neat thing about all this, is that I can put that button on any of the postings that I make. Even if they aren't a sponsored post where I'm paid from PayPerPost to write about! Of course I have to actually remember to put that button on my regular posts, which I usually forget to do, but I have to make a commitment to try to remember from now on.

Anyway, these little wonder buttons are great for us bloggers as well, as they will help to build our blog traffic, which of course will in turn help to boost our page rank, and you all know I need to get my page rank boosted! How that works is by you, a reader of my blog clicks on that button to review my blog. This in turn gives a link out to my blog, where other new to my blog readers will hopefully click on to come and check out my blog, and that outgoing link to my blog will also help to boost my page rank in the process as well. This just sounds like the yummy page rank boosting that I so desperately need! It's win, win any way you look at it! You get paid cold hard cash to review my post; I get a little more traffic to my blog and a boost in my page rank. What a sweet deal!

So all I can say now, have you reviewed my post yet? If not, what are you waiting for?


~*This is a sponsored post*~

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