Wednesday, February 07, 2007

That's really rad!

Today I had a lesson in car radiators. My car was overheating on the way to work, and it turned out I had to top up my radiator. Imagine that. It's so cold here right now -- today the mercury was reading -9 Celcius, yet my car was overheating. But it has nothing to do with the outside temperature really. It all depends on your radiator... if it has a leak, needs filling up, is corroded, etc. Mine needed filling. I stopped at a service station, because I didn't really know what the problem was, like if I had a leak or a broken hose or something. I didn't recall seeing a puddle of greenish liquid under my car at any time, but I figured I'd ask someone that was a little more knowledgeable. And besides, I wasn't sure what the proper percentage of water to antifreeze to add to it anyway. Turns out a good mix works out to 50/50 water to antifreeze.

Now I've just found a site that has all kinds of information and tips about car radiators. actually sells all sorts of car parts in addition to radiators of course! So if you need a
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autolover said...

Leaky radiator maybe caused by: from a split hose or faulty connection to the radiator or engine, a crack or hole in the coolant overflow tanks on the top or sides of your car radiator. My dad's volkswagen radiator hose was replaced with a new one and the overheating problem was solved.