Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a feast!

Last night, myself and a friend were invited to another friend's home for dinner and girly chat. This friend of ours is probably the best cook I know. She's Italian, and every meal is a feast! And what a feast we had! Of course it was Friday, so it was fish day. I have to tell you the menu...

First we started out with pasta and garlic bread. Then she brought out a huge pot of mussels. This was followed by two platters; one with her signature rapini dish, and another with asparagus spears wrapped in swiss cheese and prosciutto. The final platter had crab backs that were done like clams casino, but with crab meat instead of clams, plus some nicely seasoned tilapia fillets.

We were so stuffed after eating all this food, that we had to wait a couple hours to have dessert, which was a huge fruit platter and mile high lemon meringue pie!

Don't you just love having friends that love to cook? :-)


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