Friday, February 02, 2007

Virtual Couponing

I love saving money any way I can. From stocking up on great store bargains to clipping coupons for grocery items, if I can save a buck or two, I'll do it. Those cents off coupons add up to lots of dollars over the course of a year.

I buy a lot of things online too, and I get so excited when I find a coupon code for an online shop I'm making a purchase from! I always scour around first to see if there is a coupon code, or some sort of rebate I can use before I hit the virtual checkout.

Ever since I've found, I always check there first before heading to an online shop to make a purchase. If I can find any sort of discount there, I go in to my desired shop through their link to get the savings for whatever it is I have to purchase. It's great! With more than 800 stores they have some sort of coupon or rebate for, there is a slim chance you wouldn't find some sort of savings at the shop you're wanting to buy from.

I sent my niece the link for apple coupons recently, as she wanted to get an iPod Shuffle -- a pink one! She was so happy because she saved on shipping, got it engraved with her name for free, and will get a rebate as well!


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