Friday, February 02, 2007

My first Norwex test

Well, I just put my first Norwex cloth to the test. I tried out the face cloth to wash my makeup off. So what you are supposed to do, is wet the cloth with plain water, fold it in half, and then in half again, to give you eight different cleaning sections, then wipe your face with it, changing sections as you dirty them. No soap or any sort of make up remover, or cleansing lotions are required. I did my eyes first with the stubborn mascara that usually requires eye make up remover first. A couple swipes to each eye and all traces of mascara vanished from my eyelashes to the cloth! I wiped the rest of my face, and all my makeup was whisked into the cloth and off of my face. Keep in mind that I am only using water and this cloth here, people! And if that isn't remarkable enough, my face feels so clean right now, and so soft! It feels like I've gone for a facial! I want to wash my whole body with this cloth! I remember the demonstrator at the home party saying too, that with continued regular use, many people have noticed blotchy skin less blotchy, and pores minimized. I do have a little blotchiness and somewhat enlarged pores around my nose, so I'm hopeful that this cloth will help to correct these little problems. Again, I'll keep you posted on it.


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