Friday, February 02, 2007

Wanna talk football?

It's a big weekend for football fans! Superbowl Sunday! W00T! W00T! The hotels around the Miami area are jam packed! I know, because a girl at work is leaving from Miami on a Caribbean cruise this weekend, and she had a hell of a time getting a room for the night!

Super Bowl XLI takes place at Dolphin Stadium on Sunday, February 4th. Who do you think is going to win? The Colts or Da Bears? I have to say I'm routing on none other than Da Bears! The
nfl message board is all a buzz right now with the game of the year happening this weekend! It's a great place to go and gab with other fans about your favorite sport.

I'm really excited too about the pregame show with Cirque du Soliel! I'm a huge Cirque fan, and love their shows. One of my dreams is to get to Vegas and see one of their water shows.

I'm not real keen on Prince, who will be performing during half time. But whatever. It really all boils down to the game anyway, and who will be getting new rings this year!


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