Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wind chill factor?

More like wind freeze-your-friggin-ass-off factor! Let me tell you, it's disgustingly cold here today! I had to go out on a few errands, including grocery shopping. When I went to load all my groceries from the cart to my car, I couldn't get my trunk open -- it was frozen shut. So I figured I'd put them in the back seat of my car, but both back doors were frozen shut too. Grrr! So with the wind wiping at me, I had to load the bags of groceries into my back seat by tossing them over the front seat. What fun that was! The wind was so cold and piercing, it was giving me one of those brain freeze headaches that you would get from eating ice cream or drinking a slurpee too fast. I hate that, and I hate this weather. I want spring, and I want it now!


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