Sunday, February 04, 2007

Picture yourself at Rio's Carnival!

I have to get my passport renewed. It expired last year, and I've just been putting it off out of sheer laziness. It would be so sad if I were to win the lottery right now, because if I did, I would love to immediately escape this terrible cold weather we are having, and jump on a flight to Brazil or somewhere else nice and warm! Could you imagine waking up in Rio de Janeiro to the smell of freshly brewed Brazilian coffee. Mmm, that just sounds heavenly! And then, while we're daydreaming here, we might as well be in Rio during Carnival, which this year will be running from February 17th thru the 20th. Close your eyes again and picture the parade... the stunning and colorful floats, the beautiful dancers in their phenomenal costumes of feathers and sequins dancing down the street to the sound of the drums and samba music! It's quite spectacular!

Yeah, I had better get that passport renewed. ;-)


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