Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rob and Amber are GONE!!!

Oh my GOD!!!!! Did you catch the latest episode for the Amazing Race All Stars tonight? I am so happy, happy, happy!! The evil Rob and Amber are gone!!! I can't believe it. Someone pinch me so I know it's true!!! They came in last, and I was sure that Phil was going to say, "but I'm happy to tell you that you have not been eliminated", but he didn't!! It was an elimination round, and they're gone, gone, gone!!!

Charla and Mirna came in just before them. I was never so happy to see that happen. Don't get me wrong though. I'd love to strangle Mirna with the way she carries on, and how she's always yelling at poor little Charla, but I'll take them over Rob and Amber any day!

Some of the letters the teams got from past competitors were funny to hear. Especially the ones where they weren't liked... Charla and Mirna, Rob and Amber, the Barbies! Rob and Amber's letter said they hoped they were starving and in last place. How ironic is that?! I love it!!

Woohoo!!! Let the race begin!!!

I'm sorry if I have spoiled this for any of you living in a different time zone, but I'm just too damned excited not to blog about it right now!



Erin said...


The race is definitely going to get more interesting!

I feel bad for Charla. She is most likely misrepresented on tv, because her partner is so awful. I did not see her on the Battle of the Network TV Stars though. So who really knows?

(I also feel a bit creepy immediately commenting on your post so soon after you commenting on mine!)

Hooray for the Amazing Race!

Olivia said...

Erin, I don't think you're creepy at all. I also didn't know Charla was on Battle either. Hmm, sorry I missed that.