Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Sunday... how much have you made?

First of all, allow me to apologize for not posting an update last Sunday. I completely forgot about it until later in the week. However, I did do a monthly recap, so I can tell you that I finished off the month by earning a total of $496.75, which is $86.90 more than what I made in the month of January. That's not bad, considering there were three less days in the month, and there were those issues with the Blogitive site for a couple of weeks or more.

Now, onto what I've made so far this month. I have to say the past 11 days have been pretty darn good! I'm currently sitting at $400.12 so far! That's sweet! My daily average is currently at $36.38! I can't wait until I can get that up to $50 a day, but I'll take what I can get at this point!

Now I have to confess one thing here about this months earnings... I did a post from PayPerPost that paid $100.00, so that definitely helped boost my total. And my shop,
The Funky Olive sold quite a few St. Patrick's Day products, which was a nice boost as well. In fact, my sales there have already made tier this month, so I'm in for an additional 7% of all my sales for the rest of the month. I would love to be able to reach the next tier for an additional 15%, but I think the major bulk of the sales for the month is over, since St. Paddy's day is next Saturday, so any more sales from those products are pretty much unlikely until next year. I have to get going on Easter designs. Sales for that holiday will be starting real soon, if they haven't already. Helium is clipping along, and I'll be requesting my payment next weekend. I've also started doing some blogging for LoudLaunch this month as well, which is great to add a little more opportunity. And I'm very pleased that Blogitive is back up and running again. I sure did miss them while they were out of commission.

So until next week's update, let's hope we can all make as much as we possibly can!


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