Monday, March 12, 2007

Which plan is best for you?

Cell phones these days seem more of a necessity than a luxury. You see so many people with them, and I think the best that I see is kids, like the tween aged kids packing a cell phone. This is a brilliant idea, and I think all kids should have one to carry. That way your child can be out with their friends and know that should any slight emergency arise, like they miss a bus and need a ride home or whatever, mom and/or dad is just a call away. As well, it's good piece of mind for parents knowing their child is just a call away too.

There are so many plans available though, that you have to think which one would be the best choice for you. There are family plans where you can share your minutes, but when we're talking tweens and teens, do you really want to share your minutes with them? How many kids in these age frames do you see without a phone attached to their ear, either at home or out? Right, most of them are usually seen with a phone engaged chatting away to their buddies. Personally, I like the option of the prepaid cell phone plans. This way you can even have your child pay for their own air time if they make their own money through a part time job they may have.

Even if the phone is not for a child, my personal choice is the prepaid, or pay as you go plan. I don't have a cell phone at the moment, but I did have one a few years back that I needed for my job then. At that time, there wasn't the option of prepaid. You signed a contract for so long and paid a set price each month that gave you so many minutes. The bad part for me was I had to pay each month whether I used the phone or not. I very rarely used that phone, so it was just another monthly bill that I begrudgingly paid. I ended up ditching that plan at the end of my contract, and told my boss unless they paid my monthly bill, if anyone needed to call me they would have to call my home and leave a message if I wasn't there. They wouldn't pay the bill, so I got back to them when I got the messages. Lately though, I have been thinking I should look into getting another phone. My car is getting older, and I have to think about what I'd do if I were stuck on the side of the road. I know I'd go with a pay as you go plan though if were to get another cell. I still don't think I'd get the full use out of a monthly plan, so it would be more to my advantage to buy airtime as I needed it.


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