Thursday, March 08, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

Well people, what can I say about Sunday's Amazing Race All Stars show? Arrrrrghhhh!!! Rob and Amber came in first again! When will this insanity end?

Danielle was being just a tad dramatic with those fish, don't you think? Toughen up princess! And I can't believe that Teri and Ian have teamed up with the Barbies!! Those girls will use and abuse them! I think Ian is just thinking with his parts instead of his head! You think he'd know how to read people better, after working as a detective. Oh well, at least he's not as jerky as he was the first time they raced with all his nagging to Teri to hurry up. I was really hoping the Barbies might have been eliminated, since they missed that one clue box and had to go back.

Farewell to David and Mary. I knew they were going to be out much quicker than the last time they raced. It seemed to me that Mary kept screwing up by getting David to do the wrong thing or take the wrong turn this time.

Well, I hope next Sunday brings someone else in first other than the smug Rob and Amber!


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