Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The art of Victor Lysakov

If you've followed my blog, you'll know that I love art, in all forms. And I love checking out new to me artists works that I've not yet discovered. Tonight I've been checking out the paintings of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov. Born in Siberia (now there's a chilly place to be from!), he now lives in Moscow. His artwork is now available in North America from the "Lysakov Art Company" in Pacific Grove, California. He paints in both oil and acrylic mediums on canvas and his style is what would be considered modern impressionist.

Many of Lysakov's works are available in limited giclée format, which is a digitally printed copy of the original work of art. They are printed on museum-quality archival canvas which is UV-resistant, and of course are hand signed by the artist. A giclée print is basically the next best thing to having the original work of art. And they are also much more cost efficient for the art buyer as well. In fact, giclée prints are often used in many displays in some of the world's finest art galleries and museums. Due to the quality of a giclée print, they are often quite hard to distinguish from the original artwork.

So after browsing Lysakov's online gallery, which I found quite enjoyable with each different section playing a different tune of music, I'd have to say my favorite section is his "Biblical Motif" with it's very soothing music. I really like his painting titled "Feast", which is in a private collection. I also really liked "Kiss Trinity", with the use of vibrant colors, and "Prayer" was another favorite. His paintings are unique and strong, and each evokes a sense of story within the strokes of color.


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