Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Make your own birthday cards!

I was talking to a lady that came into the bank today, and she was saying this month was a bad month for her financially when it came to family birthdays. She said she had six birthdays in March. That is a lot for one month, especially when you're on a tight income.

Cards alone are so expensive to buy these days. But did you know that you can go to MyCardMaker.com and make your own printable birthday greeting cards? They have several free cards you can make with a limited membership, but if you opt to pay as little as $3.99, which gives you 24 hours to make and print as many cards as you like, you have more options for your cards, including adding your own pictures, to make them really personal. You may also opt for an unlimited annual membership for $19.99. That's not bad, when you consider if you were to purchase ten pre-made cards, which run around $4.00 each on average, and that's not getting real fancy either.

MyCardMaker.com has a card for every occasion as well as a wide array of birthday cards. So think of how many cards you purchase over the course of a year, and check them out. A professional looking card you've made yourself is a card I would rather receive over a store bought card. :-)


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