Monday, March 05, 2007

Glitch made music -- beautiful music!

Years ago, when I first came online I met a group of friends through playing an online game together. One guy in particular -- that we called Glitch -- we've kind of lost touch with, but I don't think we'll ever forget him. He had such talent, both computer related, and musical. We're talking oh, about nine or ten years ago here, and at that time, he was really into making digital music. He had a couple different keyboards that he created music on, all his own original works, and it was really nice. One time he sent us all a cd of his music. I still have it in fact, and play it every now and then.

I remember chatting to him on ICQ for hours on end. He was like a guru to me, and taught me a lot about computers, html and font making, which I was into at that time. But he always loved to talk about his music and his beloved keyboards. I don't remember what the brands were that he had, but I'm sure they were probably Yamaha Keyboards. I often think about Glitch and wonder if he's still recording his own music these days. Yeah, I bet he is! It was his passion, and he was very good at it!


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