Monday, March 05, 2007

Choosing the right sunglasses

With spring and summer just around the corner, the stores shelves are filling up with the new fashions for the seasons. But while you're shopping for your new look, don't forget about your peepers too! Sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory, but they also play an important part in protecting your precious eyes from the harmful rays of sunshine.

There are so many styles to choose from, and you want something that is going to be appealing on you, but just as important if not more so, you want to invest some money in a good quality pair of shades that will offer you the utmost protection from the sun. Polarized Sunglasses are probably the best way to achieve the protection you need. They are great for fighting glare, and giving you a crisp clear vision. While the tinted, mirror finished and anti-reflective coated shades will reduce the glare, only polarized shades will actually block the glare. This is due to the fact that polarization is not a coating that is applied to the lenses, but rather it is a layer of crystals that are actually inside the lenses. And as you know, most of those coated lenses end up wearing off with use and at times a little misuse. If you're like me, many times you put them in your pocket or your handbag without putting them in a case, and that will tend to aid in the finish wearing off.

The nice thing now is a good pair of quality shades are also available in various styles, making it easy to be both fashionable and protected. Many brand names offer polarized shades -- Adidas, Bolle, Smith and my favorites Serengeti! I love my Serengeti's! They're the best shades for long distance driving in the summer time. We travel 300 miles to our family cottage, and I couldn't imagine doing that drive without my shades.

Whatever your brand choice and fashion picks are, just make sure to protect those peepers of yours with good quality. You only get one set of eyes, and it's a dark dreary world without them.


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