Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fighting over the radio!

Today was a miserable day at work. My partner in crime was ill today, so we had a replacement for her. I couldn't believe the boldness of this temp that filled in. Our branch is known for our classic rock radio station that we play, instead of the sappy easy listening bla bla radio stations the other branches play. Well this broad took it upon herself to change the radio station not five minutes after we opened the doors. I couldn't believe it! She said she didn't think our music was very professional to have playing in an office. I told her it's not an office, it's a bank, and our clients like our radio station. I swear to God we've had many people comment on the good music we have playing, and many times people are singing or humming along to the tune that's playing. It's classic rock, and we're in a baby boomer world. Yes we have a lot of seniors that come into our branch as well, but I remember once we were playing an El Divo cd, and we literally had seniors complaining about it, and saying why aren't we playing our usual music, and that they liked that better! Anyway, I ended up letting her have that sappy station for an hour or so until I couldn't take listening to it any longer, then I switched it back to our regular station Q107, which rocks!


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Adam said...

You are lucky to have classic rock playing in your office. The last place I worked at, I was the only person in the entire office that liked classic rock.