Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whoops! He did it again!

Well, my husband did it again today. Like I said it was just beautiful here today. Nice and sunny and warm. Didn't my husband do his usual stupid trick of putting his sunglasses in his back pocket when he went into the grocery store. Can you guess where I'm going with this? Yep, when he got back into the car, smash, one more pair of broken shades to add to his collection! I swear to God he will never learn! Sunglasses and him just aren't a good mix! So of course he's whining now that he needs a new pair. I know he does, because he has eye issues as it is, and has to protect them from the sun, but geesh, it's an expensive endeavor keeping his eyes shaded the way he manages to break them like that so often. I told him I was going to buy him sun Serengeti aviators, and they're a great shade, and will last a long time, provided you don't put them in your back pocket and sit on them on a frequent basis!


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