Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Games people play

Back in the early eighties I was totally addicted to video games. I used to spend endless hours at the arcade, or better yet, at this one donut shop that had a mini arcade in one section that was filled with table styled games. I loved Frogger, but my main game was that lovable yellow dude... Pacman. I was pretty damned good at it too, and got more than my money's worth playing on one quarter for a long time. Then in the nineties it was Gameboy. We used to have one that we kept in the bathroom to play a little Tetris while sitting on the throne!

But those days are gone, and today's video games are far superior to what I played. They're so life-like now with their 3D environments, and the games have more of a reality to them, rather than a big round yellow dot going around a board munching on smaller dots! These days the games are more of an adventure, and actually have a story line to them. Take for instance
Siberia 2, which is where the screen shot I have here is from. This game is the sequel to Syberia, and is about the ongoing quest of a New York lawyer named Kate Walker. In the original Syberia, she was searching for a missing heir, and now, in Syberia 2, she has teamed up with Hans Voralberg. Together, this pair set out on a journey searching for the last of the fabled Syberian mammoths, which is a quest Hans had started by himself years ago. While playing, there are all sorts of original puzzles that have to be solved, making a game like this really test the skills of the player. And what really amazes me is that you can play a game like this on the smallest of machines. The pocket pcs are really no bigger than the old Gameboy hand held games, yet the quality of the games are much more sophisticated. Just look at the graphics in these screenshots! A lot has changed since I used to plug quarters in to the old Pacman machine, or drop shapes down in a game of Tetris on a Gameboy! These graphics are awesome!!

I've never tried any of these new type video games myself, but after doing a little research on this subject, I am intrigued to dip my feet into this fantasy realm and take a journey or two.


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