Monday, March 12, 2007

Is your's a "Spiffy" baby?

Just look at this picture to the right? Is that not the most adorable little rain suit for a little one that you have ever seen? I love, love, love that granny apple green color for little ones! It's so much cuter than the standard pink and blue, and it works for both little boys and little girls, so I say goodbye to that pale yellow, mint green and white when you don't know what the sex of the baby is. Welcome the brights, and baby will be styling!

My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby at the end of August, but they're actually expecting two. Yep, they're having twins! We're all so excited for them, and between his mom and grandmother and myself, we've been going crazy over baby stuff since we found out. I've been concentrating on the more vibrant colors, because I think they're just so gosh darned cute! This picture is from, where they have
Upscale Baby Gifts & Unique Toys. Modern Crib Bedding, Designer Clothes, Jewelry & Natural Skin Care Products for baby and nice gifts for mommy and daddy too, including a nice selection of skin care products for preganancy to help with stretch marks.

Their site is so cute, and the clothes are to die for! They carry all kinds of different brands of gifts and clothing to choose from. Like these adorable Kaloo gifts to the left. Such sweet little bunnies, bears and keepsake boxes. There are even Kaloo perfumes which are super sweet too. And oh my goodness, itty bitty little Ralph Lauren shoes! They're so adorable! A must for baby boys is a set of pee-pee teepees. They're pretty much self explainable, and a brilliant idea for diaper changes!

And look at these scrumptious faux fur blankets and hats! How luxurious to roll around on a supersoft blankie like one of these! Perfect for taking those sweet little nude pictures of baby to show to their future husband/wives! You have to think of the future, when a little blackmail goes a long way! Nah, no blackmail intentions required, but that setting does make for some adorable baby pictures to treasure forever.

I'm going to email the link to Spiffy Baby to my nephew and his wife. With them being first time parents, I'm sure they'll also enjoy the Spiffy Baby Talk - where one savvy parent meets another -- which is a blog section on this web site. I'm sure they'll want to read anything to do with babies and pregnancy, so this will be a great blog for them to check out.

Anyway, I'm going to end it here for now. I have shopping to do at Spiffy Baby, of course! :-)


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