Friday, March 09, 2007

Living room makeover

The other night I went shopping with a friend of mine. She was looking for new furniture for her living room that she's re-decorating, and she wanted my input on her choices she had narrowed down. She was torn between a contemporary styled leather sofa and chair, and a fabric set that had more of a country taste to it. My taste is definitely contemporary, so it was natural for me to choose the leather over the fabric. I'm happy to say she went with the leather, and it's beautiful! She also bought a new area rug and table set, as they were on display with the sofa and chair, worked well with her color scheme and looked great all together. The table lamps that were displayed in this setting weren't that great though, and she's decided that she needs to replace hers as well, and I have to agree! Hers are from the eighties and they are that shiny brass. Ick! I'm going to have to direct her to to check out these really nice lamps I was looking at. They're just stunning! They're brushed nickel and frosted glass, which is a lot more up to date from that shiny brass she has! They have a nightlight built into the base of the lamp, which is pretty cool, and they're priced at only $79.99 per lamp, which is even cooler! They offer free shipping within the 48 contiguous states, but the only drawback is that they don't ship to Canada, which is where we are. Fortunately, my husband has a cousin that lives just over the border though, so shipping hurdles like this are never a problem for me, as I can have something shipped to her house. Then I can just head over for a visit and pick up my shipment.


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