Thursday, March 22, 2007

Moving across the world!

Last night I ran into an old neighbour of mine I hadn't seen for years. We ended up going for coffee so we could chat and catch up. She showed me pictures of her grandchildren. Wow! Her two boys were just barely teenagers when they lived next door to us! She was also telling me that she is making plans to move her mother here from Italy. Her father passed away a few years back, and she said her mom is getting older, is quite frail, and shouldn't be living on her own anymore. There is no family left for her back in Italy, so they are going to sell the house there and move her mom over here to live with them. She was saying her mom has so many things that she doesn't want part with, so they are going to have to look into some International Movers to get her mom's possessions over to this side of the world. I told her to go online and search for movers that will be able to help them, and that there was a company called Service Network that will be able to help them find the right movers for the job. I can't even begin to imagine trying to make a move like that without help. That's a long way to move your possessions!

It was nice though, to catch up with my old neighbour. She was my favorite of all the people that have lived next door! And I sure do miss her cooking, especially when she'd say, "Come and have some pizza I just made."!


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