Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bawl-baby at American Idol tonight

I haven't really been following American Idol this season much, but I did tune in tonight. Did anyone see that kid in the audience? If you watched the show you know what I'm talking about. The probably pre-teen girl that kept crying. What was up with that? And why was she getting so much camera coverage? Was that for real? Or was she there to be a bawl-baby on purpose, since they were doing 60's British Invasion songs tonight and all the camera coverage from that era always shows the young girls screaming and crying, and in some cases, fainting.

I think it was part of the show myself. Her quivering lip and scary crying face were on the screen way too much throughout the show for it not to be. And did you see Simon's face after Sanjaya sang and he said "The little girl's face says it all." Then he rolled his eyes. Surely to God if she was legitimately crying out of emotion for these singers, Simon wouldn't be that heartless to roll his eyes like that. I know many of you will all say yes he is that heartless, but I happen to be one of those people that think Simon is good at what he does. I don't think there has ever been a time when I didn't agree with him. Yeah, he's blunt, but hey, showbiz is tough, and you have to have thick skin to be able to take the lumps in the big picture.

Now if that little girl was just a genuine fan in the audience that is way too emotional (just wait until she goes through hormonal changes!), she's going to be totally inialated when she goes to school tomorrow by her peers. Kids are cruel, and they will jump on stuff like that like white on rice! I hope for her sake that she's a paid actress!

Seems like there's some good talent in this season, but if I have to get creeped out by bawl-babies in the audience, I think I'll pass. And if she was for real, then I apologize for coming across heartless, but I was really creeped out by it all!


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Tina Silva said...

I totally watched that episode. I honestly believe that was part of the show and not just a fan showing her emotions.

Like you said, they made it a point to show her on the screen a million and one times. Plus, I didn't see any parents near here just that one other girl who looked like she was about to say "WTF?"

I think it was totally fake just like some of those auditions in the very beginning of the season.