Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Test the Nation IQ test results!

The top 12 people in Canada that took the IQ test on last nights airing of Test the Nation all scored an IQ of 156. That's awesome! What I found very interesting is that of these 12 people, their ages ranged from 55 to 69. In fact, out of the top 20, there was not one person under the age of 55. I would have thought the younger people, like in their 20s would have scored within this top 20. Especially since their minds are younger, and they're more freshly out of school.

The teams they had on stage taking the test finished with the surgeons having the highest average IQ score of 119. Thank goodness for that! They were followed by the millionaires with 118, the fitness instructors with 112, the mayors with 110, the radio djs with 108, the tattoo artists with 101 and the celebrities finished with a 98 average.

For those of you that didn't watch but want to take the test, you can still do so at the website. My husband and I took the test in our living room, watching on tv. Hubby ended up dropping out after about the 15th question, due to the fact that it was too hard for him to see the answers to choose from. You know the story when you get over 40 years old how the eyes don't see as well as they used to. I couldn't see them that well, but well enough that I was able to complete the 60 questions. I did have more troubles when it came to questions where you had to look at pictures. There was one question about a picture that you had to study, and they asked what color was the traffic light in the picture. I was commenting that I couldn't see that while they were showing the picture, and sure enough didn't they ask! I took a stab at it, but stabbed wrong!

So they said that an average IQ is somewhere between 90 and 110. My final score was 115, which means I'm not a genius and Mensa won't be contacting me to join their crowd, but I'm a bit above average. In fact, I'm not too far behind the surgeons and millionaires! I was actually surprised, because I really thought I would be on the low end of average. Maybe all the fish I've been eating lately has done me some good?!

What does this mean in my life? Pretty much nothing, but it was a good way to spend a couple of hours of my life instead of doing nothing!


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