Monday, March 19, 2007

Aloha, ahh...


Who doesn't dream about going on a Hawaiian vacation? I know I do, and always have! I'm supposed to be going there with my sisters in a couple of years, and I hope it happens!

Most people, when they think of a trip to Hawaii, thoughts of luaus, surfing, hula dancers and the excitement of Waikiki comes to mind first. Oh, and don't forget Don Ho too! But more and more, people are thinking ecotourism. What's that, you ask? Ecotourism involves travel to areas of natural or ecological interest, where you can observe wildlife and learn about the natural environment.

On Kauai, you can marvel at the most breathtaking natural coastlines, and after an afternoon of doing some nature exploring, perhaps hiking to Hanakapiai Falls and enjoying a natural jacuzzi below the falls, you can watch the sunset on an uncrowded beach. Or maybe you want to spend an afternoon snorkeling, where you may see some green sea turtles. These sea turtles can grow up to four feet long, weigh up to 400 pounds and live up to 80 years. They are an endangered species, and please remember if you do happen upon these majestic turtles while you're snorkeling, be kind and give them their space. You could paddle a kayak up the Wailua River through a lush rainforest to Secret Falls. Your guide will tell you historic stories as you paddle by ancient temple sites on this journey of Kauai's mythical past.

here are many Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals to choose from that are perfect for both large families, or just an intimate party of two. Ocean front or mountainside rentals are readily available. Whatever eco adventures you choose to partake in, and wherever you choose to store your luggage and lay your head at night, you're sure to have a fantastic vacation in paradise that will have you talking about it for many years. Aloha! :-)


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