Monday, March 19, 2007

Pretending it's still yesterday!

Since I was so busy taking that IQ test during that Test the Nation show last night, and then had to watch The Amazing Race, which I had to tape since it was on at the same time, I didn't get my weekly earnings report posted last night. I know, excuses, excuses! So let's just pretend that today is still Sunday, and here's my update!

Last weeks post, I had a total of $400.12. This past week, I managed to bump that up another $184.14, for a grand total of $584.26. Nice! Very nice! However, it really could have been better. I know I shouldn't be balking at what I made, since it was money I hadn't made when the week started, but things are really slowing down for me at PayPerPost, and it's becoming quite disheartening. I only managed to bring in about $25.00 with them last week, and that's very low, since I've done close to that or more in one day before. I love doing the posts for them, but with so many opportunities coming up now that my blog doesn't qualify for due to page rank, there are less and less chances for me to make much money there anymore. I really need to get people to link to this blog, and help boost my page rank. I've been doing all I can to hopefully get some linking from others, such as joining different blog communities, and leaving comments on other people's blogs, but my rank is still sitting at that big fat zero. Things also seemed to slow down at Blogitive for me too. I only managed to do one post with them last week, so hopefully there will be more chances this coming week. Nothing new at either Blogsvertise or Loudlaunch last week, but I do have a post with Loudlaunch coming up after this. My Helium seemed to slow down quite a bit this past week too, but I'm happy to say I requested another payout tonight for month end! :-) Sales at my Funky Olive Shop did good again last week, being the top money maker for the week again, Sales of still more St. Patrick's Day items helped, but things have slowed back down there as well. I've already made about $75.00 more there this month so far than last month. Growth is good!

So all in all, things are looking good for the month, but seeming to slow down. I can't really complain since this month started with a bang, and that was real nice! Here's to further earnings growth for you and for me! :-)


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Sarakastic said...

It's easy to get discouraged, I know because I do it all the time :P Especially working online, things are so unstable. I just have to find ways to adapt & chill, but it sounds like you are doing a great job with that!