Sunday, March 04, 2007

Survivor Fiji

Wow, this season's Survivor is just full of twists, isn't it? I really liked this last episode, where the winning tribe had to choose between immunity and comfort. But hello! I can't believe the Moto tribe choose comfort over immunity! Would it have killed them to have to stay at the Ravu beach for one stinking night? No, I don't think so! It's better than having to stay at that creepy Exile Island for a night! And then they still choose comfort with having to lose a tribe member! Stupid! They already lost poor Papa Smurf, and I can't remember which tribe member said after Gary was evacuated that they really needed immunity on the next challenge, otherwise that would bring them down another member and make them even with Ravu. I know it was one of the guys, but I just don't remember exactly which one it was. Anyway, why the hell didn't he stand on his words and speak up when they had the choice. Geesh! Not that I was real sad to see Liliana go though. Well, now it's an even game, other than the fact they still have all the comforts, but I hope from now on that Ravu starts kicking some serious butt! I think Moto deserves it after that!


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