Sunday, March 04, 2007

Women and cars

So many women are in the same boat when it comes to cars. We know how to drive them, and yes guys, many of us are actually good drivers! But when it comes time to lift the hood and check for anything that might be posing a problem or requiring maintenance, it's like being in a foreign land. Myself, I have a basic understanding of what's going in those whirling greasy parts under the hood, and even underneath the car, but many women haven't a clue.

Fortunately nowadays we have the availability of the Internet, and can go online to find out all kinds of great Automotive Advice For Women by Women. You can even find tips and advice for buying a new car. This can be a trying task for many women as well. It's not just about what the car looks like when you're shopping for a new vehicle. It's important that you know what all the specifics about that vehicle mean. This helps to give you a clearer outlook on which is the better vehicle for you. Sure that shiny red convertible Chrysler Sebring is a pretty car, and you'd look good in it zipping around town, but does it offer all you require in a vehicle? When I bought my first car I found I came across many pushy salespeople that figured I was just another women that knew nothing about buying a car, and would just be an easy sale. But I fooled them and got the best vehicle for my needs, and the best price I could get it for as well, and those salespeople had to work for their commission! My Pontiac Sunfire has served me well for the last 10 years. In another year or two it will be time for me to think about a new car, and I'll be checking out the auto advice for women to make sure I don't miss a thing again before I step foot on the car lot again.


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