Saturday, March 17, 2007

Televised IQ test

Tomorrow night at 8pm, there is going to be a show airing here in Canada on CBC called "Test the Nation". It's a live two-hour special, where you can take the this IQ test, and see how you fair against your other family members, co-workers, buddies, whoever. You can take the test either online, or with pen and paper during the live show.

On the actual show, there will be six different teams partaking in this test. The teams are made up of millionaires, mayors, surgeons, fitness instructors, tattoo artists, and celebrities. It will be interesting to see if tattoo artists are more intelligent than surgeons!

I'll be tuning in of course, and I guess I'll have to tape the Amazing Race, since it also airs at 8pm it's going to conflict with Test the Nation. Will I take the test? Probably. Will I let you know how I make out with it? Perhaps. I'll have to see how I do first! ;-)


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