Sunday, April 29, 2007

And they're off!

I can't wait until Thoroughbred racing starts at the racetrack near us. Right now they just have simulcast racing, which is fine for betting purposes, but I like to be there, to hear the thunder as the horses race by! I never really win that much, but I only ever place a $2.00 bet maximum. Remember I said I work hard for my money and don't like to throw it away fast. My husband on the other hand is pretty good at placing bets, and isn't afraid of wagering a little more than my measly two bucks.

I never realized that you could do
horse racing betting online until just today. This is pretty cool, actually, since you can actually bet on the big races, like the Kentucky Derby and all. I mean I know you can do that from the race track too, but we only go maybe twice a season for an afternoon's entertainment. My husband will watch the big races on TV if we're home. I suppose it's a good thing that we can't use the services of XpressBet, since we're in Canada. That does seem kind of strange though, since they take bets on racetracks such as Flamboro Downs, Woodbine, Fort Erie and Mohawk, which are all tracks in Ontario. Oh well, like I said it's probably a good thing for us personally!



Anonymous said...

Got to your blog looking for online horse race betting. (Thanks for the xpressbet link!!). I know how you Canadians like to travel, so if you're ever in the Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware area you might want to check out a beautiful track called Delaware Park. The place has a nice casino and a prostine golf course too! So far I'm up $5,000 already this year betting the horses!

Jacob said...

I've been to Delaware Park before---It's certainly no Atlantic City, that's for sure. But it's very fun to actually sit at the track and bet the horses as opposed to a race and sports book.