Saturday, April 21, 2007

The end of an awesome day

Just got home from the first outdoor BBQ of the season, and I'm still full! Nothing beats an outdoor meal of BBQ'd t-bone and baked potato -- nothing! It was so nice to sit outside and eat too, after a miserable winter.

I had a busy day until dinner today. I worked out in the yard cleaning up my flower beds this morning, and this afternoon I had to go to Wally World and get my usual Walmart items, you know the daily essentials. I was also looking for a pattern for a little sleeveless blouse for this beautiful sheer fabric I picked up the other day to go with a skirt suit I'm making. I couldn't decide between three different patterns, so I grabbed them all! I have quite a huge stash of fabric, so I figure I'll make a few of them. They're nice to wear under a jacket at work. That way I can take off my jacket when I go outside for a break and catch a few rays on my arms. Here are the three patterns I chose...

I love this little sleeveless blouse pattern. It's got a flirty look to it. I think I may add some beading to the neckline edge. The pants pattern is nice. I like the wider waist band, but I'm hoping it's more of a low cut waist. I don't like pants that come up so high. I also liked the jacket with the peter pan collar on this one.

For this one, I'm liking the one without the straps. I don't care for the long sleeve one at all, and I'm not keen on the skirt. But that little blouse on the right hand side is sweet with the wispy little cap sleeves!

I like the print blouse at the top of this one, which is very similar to the previous pattern, but this one has more of a squarish scoop neck and has buttons. I don't like the long sleeved versions at all, but the one in the middle with the little puff sleeves is cute too. I made a blouse once with little puff sleeves like this before, but I found it a little binding. Then again, that blouse had a little bit longer sleeves and wasn't as open under the arms as this one, so there could be a possibility this one wouldn't be binding. Of course if I'd lose some more weight that may help with that problem too, but that's another blog entry!

Then I stopped at the liquor store as well to pick up a bottle of wine to take to dinner at our friends. I love the Merlot that Jackson Triggs puts out. It's a really nice wine that goes great with BBQ'd beef. They're one of our many local wineries, and I like to support our local vineyards. The liquor store was celebrating earth day today, so I scored a cool re-usuable bag that holds a six pack of bottles. Don't know how much I'll be using it, but it was free and free is good!

So tomorrow I have the usual laundry duty and I plan on cutting out and hopefully starting to sew my new outfit.


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