Friday, April 20, 2007

On the Alec Baldwin thing...

It's the hottest news story it seems today, and isn't that sad. I'm talking about the voice mail message that Alec Baldwin left for his daughter Ireland. I first heard about it while I was at work today. The DJ on the radio station we listen to was talking about it, and you know, I have to agree with what he was saying. He wasn't aghast for Alec's freak out on the phone at all. Like he said, Alec is a divorced Dad, that is obviously having issues with ex-wife Kim Bassinger and him not seeing eye to eye, and his daughter Ireland is of that age when kids know full well what they're doing. Sad but true that lots of kids in family situations like this will play off both of their parents to get what they want. I'm sure that growing up the daughter of two well known celebrities, life would be of the spoiled nature, and not that of the child who grows up in an average household with parents that have every day jobs.

Being an 11 or 12 year old girl myself once, although many years ago, I think back to how I was, and truth be told, I was not the model child. I was a mouthy little thing and would constantly give my mother attitude that she most certainly didn't deserve. When I look at kids around here they all seem to have that little bit of attitude at that age. Alec Baldwin might be famous, but people, he's just like you or me... he's a human being and he deserves the respect that we all deserve. I'm not saying that he deserves anything more than the rest of us because of who he is, but everyone deserves respect. And just like you or me, he's bound to have a breaking point where if he's pushed to the limit he's going to boil over. We all have that in us. We can only take so much and then something is going to blow. Well Alec blew his top. He said some nasty words in a heated moment at the point of frustration he could no longer handle. That doesn't make him an ogre or a bad parent in my eye at all. It makes him an ordinary person. He's posted a message on his guest book at his website here. In my mind, the biggest shame of all here is that the personal life of all of this broken family, Alec, Ireland and Kim has been heard over the airways all around the world.

In other news, there was a hostage taking incident at NASA today, but guess what the most popular news article is? Yeah, Alec Baldwin freaking on the phone. Is that newsworthy? I think not!


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