Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To cleanse or not to cleanse

I had this lady come into the bank today and she was telling me that I need to purify my body. That I should come and see her at her office to internally cleanse my body. Yipes! She told me that I should unclog my colon, and went on to tell me that my body is full of toxins.

Now I'm not ordinarily into things like these herbalists are, but I was a little intrigued to check out all this internal cleansing a little more. On a google hunt I went to scope out more facts. I came across some scary looking pictures at one site of some nasty looking stuff that has come out of some people's colons, but overall, the whole process seems to make some sense to me.

Will I try it? I don't know yet. I think I'm a bit afraid still. Of what, I don't know. Pooping three times a day? Nah, that's not scary at all. If I do decide to try it though, I'd probably go with something like a Dual Action Cleanse which has a colon cleanser and a total body purifier. Hmm... I'll have to sit on it for a bit yet.


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