Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A cranky miserable day!

What a freakin' day from hell it was at work today! It's pension day here in Canada today, and in the banking world that means busy, busy, BUSY!! Now it's bad enough that it's a busy day to start, some of our clients come in first thing in the morning to make sure their pension was deposited into their accounts, and they weren't forgotten! So they may pay a bill they've been waiting to pay until payday, or get some money out to go get some groceries, or whatever, but we have many of them, and today was no exception that they had to come back to the bank a second time after the mailman came and brought them a new bill, or perhaps now they decide they want to purchase a money order, when they could have purchased it on their earlier visit! Now don't get me wrong here... I know they're seniors, and I do have the utmost respect for my elders, but if they're going to come to the bank on the busiest day, not once but twice, then don't come to my wicket and bitch to me about how busy it is, and how long they've had to wait in line!!

And today was like a full moon day too. I think I had every miserable customer that came through the doors. I was ripped a new asshole so many times that my next bowel movement won't know where to come out! I'm sorry you had to wait in line; I'm sorry you have a hold on your account because your credibility is bad; I'm sorry that I can't cash your cheque that is made out to someone else that I don't know and isn't joint on your account with you; I'm sorry that you want to take out an insanely large amount of money that you didn't order ahead of time, and yes, although we are a bank and may have the funds under the roof, we don't and can't bring out insanely large amounts of money like that to lesser secured areas unless it's pre-ordered -- we have been known to be robbed in banks from time to time! But these things are not my fault. I just work here, and have to abide by the rules and put up with the long line ups of people glaring at me too! And I have limits on the amount of cheque I can cash on my account as well, just like you. I'm no exception to the rule of having to pre-order any overly large amount of cash I may require, and I can't cash a cheque that's made out to my neighbour's father either! So please, you're singing to the choir when you bitch at me and tell me we're stupid, and you're going to close your account. Here, let me close it for you and just have you sign here! Grrrr...

I need a drink and I really need to win the lottery!


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