Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dandy Candy

Last night a friend of mine and I went to a candy store that is here in our area. Not a big deal I know. But, as she is originally from Scotland, and dearly loves the tasty confections from the UK, not to mention the cheese and onion crisps (potato chips) made by Walkers, we went to stock up on some British goodies, which this store carries a nice selection of.

I grabbed a few Curly Wurly bars, which are made by Cadbury, and if you have never tried Cadbury chocolate, you've never lived! We have some Cadbury chocolate items made here in Canada as well, but the goodies they make in the UK are far superior. It's like a chocolate orgasm with every bite! Curly Wurly bars are probably my most favorite though. They are reminiscent of the old Wig Wag bars we used to get when we were kids. They're like a braided bar of chewy toffee that's covered in chocolate. Simply heavenly!

I also snagged a few bags of Walkers cheese and onion crisps. I love these! They're so light, and the flavor is just gosh darn good! I added another flavor to try out too, but haven't tried them yet -- roast chicken. Sounded interesting. My friend tried a bag of prawn cocktail. I'm not big on shrimp, so I opted out of that flavor.

Back to the sweet selections, I bought a bag of Jelly Tots, which are something we've had here in Canada for a long time, but again, they say the Jelly Tots from the UK are way better, so I thought I'd give them a try. And I bought a bag of Dolly Mix, which my friend assured me I would love. Again, I haven't tried them yet either. I didn't want to have a major candy high, so I figured I'd pace myself on these goodies.

One other thing I did purchase though was some ice cream; the ice cream of the future -- Dippin' Dots ice cream! I love these super cold little dots of ice cream! It's so tasty, and cool to look at too!

So it wasn't a day to be concerned about eating healthy, that's for sure. But more the kind of day of eating tasty! ;-)


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