Thursday, May 24, 2007

All smiles in the paid to blog world today!

I just came from the PayPerPost site to see if there were any new opportunities to blog for, and I noticed a few changes. I guess that's why their site was down for maintenance last night. One of the biggest and most exciting new additions I saw there was the addition of PayPerPost Direct. (Notice my newest widget in my sidebar here)

What PayPerPost Direct is, is the the opportunity for advertisers to directly hire bloggers from the community of PayPerPost posties when they come across one of our blogs and like what they see, how we write, etc. This is actually already being done by other companies on the net, such as ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews. Those companies have quite high mark-ups -- like 35 - 50% and some even higher, which means for the blogger to get paid what they really want to be paid for a particular post, the advertiser can be charged quite a phenomenal amount of money for that one post. Now here's the best part of this new option from PayPerPost; their mark up is only 10%! That enables the blogger to charge what they feel is a reasonable amount of money for a post, without gouging the advertiser with excess mark up to profit the paid to blog company. PayPerPost isn't looking to line their pockets for playing the middle man in these business dealings, but rather charge a nominal fee to cover PayPal and credit card costs.

So what else did I see that was new... oh! They now have coding for us posties to add sign up forms to our blogs as well. There are forms for both bloggers and advertisers. I'll be adding those to my sidebar shortly. And another nice thing I read was that PayPerPost is now giving us finger flying posties a little more time to complete an opportunity. I'm very grateful for this, because there are times when I've committed to do an opportunity that has a minimum of say 300 words. I like to be able to check out the site I am posting about in good detail, so I can fully explain with confidence to my readers. I almost always tend to be a little more wordy that what is required, and that is okay to me. I'd rather type an additional 50 words or more and have my readers get a good understanding of what I'm talking about, than for them to be confused by a too short posting. Now I was always of the understanding that we as posties only had 1/2 hour to complete our post once we clicked on that accept opportunity button, and then I thought I had read somewhere that the time line was bumped up to 1 hour. An hour is not bad for a smaller post, but for the longer posts, I find it's a little on the wire for me. Then, to add a little more stress to my flying fingers, it never seems to fail that the phone will ring when I start to take on an opportunity. And if the caller on the other end of the line is one particular friend of mine, breaking off a call with her is pretty much impossible. She loves to talk and just carries on as if I said nothing at all!

So now that I've really babbled on here, to conclude it was a pleasant surprise to log into PayPerPost today! :-)


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