Thursday, May 24, 2007

The 7 Wonders of Canada

This is cool! CBC Canada is having a contest to find the 7 Wonders of Canada. There are 52 different nominees which consist of all different interesting places or things to see across our land from east to west, north to south and there is even one that is overseas. My favorite, and most definitely got my vote is Cathedral Grove, which is a rain forest on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. I guess I'm partial to this nominee, since my home town of Nanaimo is just a short drive down the Island Highway. I don't think we ever drove through this are with my dad as a kid that we didn't stop to marvel at these breathtakingly beautiful, ancient and enormous Douglas Fir trees.

(I've just been going crazy trying to find pictures I took at Cathedral Grove when I went home for vacation last summer, and I can't find them! I'll keep looking! I have a picture of me as a tree hugger, or at least trying to hug one of those monstrosities!)


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