Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun coming soon!

I'm gearing up for redecorating mode here coming real soon. My husband is going to go up to my mother in law's cottage for the better part of June to do some work, and of course to do some fishing too! It's been a long while since he's gone on a cottage trip like this, and every time he does, I usually do some redecorating while he's gone. I prefer doing stuff like that when he's not around, because he turns "foreman" on me, and is always telling me I should do this that way or that this way. I don't need a foreman! I'm just as handy as him, and I have more patience while doing the job too! And I also enjoy doing that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I am thinking I may redecorate our bedroom this time. I want to pull up the carpet and put in some laminate flooring. I have it in my dining room and hall and I love it. I want to eventually have it throughout the whole house. I want to paint too. I'm thinking a nice pale olive green. I love that color, probably because of my name, and it would go well with the rest of the house as it is right now. A friend of mine had given me a whack of fabric from some curtains she had and didn't like on her windows. The fabric is pale olive, so I'm thinking I might make a duvet cover out of it, and maybe a couple decorative toss pillows. I want to get some new Blinds too. I really like the wooden slat blinds, but I'm thinking it might be a bit much for my puny bedroom window. I'll probably go with a Roman blind instead.

It will be so nice to sleep in a new bedroom, and until he gets back home, it will be even better, because I'll get to hog the entire bed and sleep diagonally. Of course I'll still have my little bed-hogging Jack Russell to fight for space with, but she's easily moved aside! :-)


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