Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do it yourself or contractor?

This friend that I was visiting tonight had just recently had her bathroom remodelled. Actually it was stripped down to the bare walls, completely gutted and started new. It turned out just beautiful, and she lives in an older house, so the before was definitely in need of a redo. Her dad and brother offered to do it for her, but she opted to hire a contractor to do the job instead. She figured her father and brother could do the job, but it would take them too long to do, since they both have day jobs to tend to first, and with her only having the one bathroom, she didn't want it to be out of commission any longer than was necessary. She has it completely tiled -- floor, walls, and ceiling, which I thought when she told me she was doing that it was going to be too much, but it actually looks wonderful! The tiles on the floor are of course different from those on the walls and ceiling, and she has a row of really nice accent tiles around the perimeter of the walls. Her new tub is one of those fully enclosed ones, where the walls and ceiling are all of the same material as the actual tub, and then she has really nice glass shower doors. She has one of those nice bowl sitting on a counter styled basin. I love those!

Now I've come home and looked at my own bathroom and it's so blah to me after seeing hers. But it will have to do for a few more years though, for anything major other than a new paint job. I have more important issues in my house, like my kitchen for example. I'm actually pretty handy myself, but installing new kitchen cupboards is a little out of my league and no matter what my husband says, because I know what his patience level is, it's out of his league too! I think when I'm ready, I'll do like my friend and hire some professional Kitchen Remodeling Contractors. I'd like to make a couple of changes in my kitchen, such as layout, etc., so I think it would be best to pay someone to do it. There are lots of contractors out there looking for work, and if I can't find one on my own, I could always find a company like OnCallContractors who could find the right contractor for the job I have that needs doing. Now I just need the money to pay the contractor to do the job. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow's draw...


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