Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New blog started

I started a new blog this evening. It's going to be all about crafts -- all different sorts of crafts, because I do all different kinds of crafting. You should see my craft room. It's bulging with all kinds of stuff, like my huge fabric stash and all my other sewing paraphernalia, including three sewing machines; my yarn stash along with crochet hooks and knitting needles; a large selection of polymer clay along with sculpting tools, my pasta maker for rolling clay, my toaster oven for baking clay, etc., etc.; and then there's my beading supplies, my painting supplies, rubber stamping, book making, floral crafts and all around just crafty kinds of things! There's not much room for movement around this place, but I do have free counter space -- enough for cutting out fabric, or laying down my canvases for painting, or spreading beading stuff all over when I'm making some new jewelry. Maybe one day I'll post a picture when it's not in too much disarray, but that won't be today. I have been recently reorganizing in here, and there are still some things I want to do to get it how I want it, or should I say to get it how it will work best. I want it bigger but that's not possible! Oh, and did I mention I also have my desktop and laptop computers in here, and I put my makeup on in here in the mornings too! Yeah, it's a busy little hub, there's no doubt there!

Oh yeah, so back to the new blog. I've called it That's Sew Crafty and although I have the word "Sew" in the title, it's not explicitly about sewing. I just thought it added a touch of whimsy to the title is all. I know I'm a little strange that way! Anyway, I'll be posting all kinds of crafty things there, from sites to check out to patterns and even some pictures of some of my completed projects. For instance, tonight I did a post about a site that specializes in "beaded" beads. They're so cool, and although I haven't tried it yet myself, it's something I want to try when I have some free time. So if you're the crafty type as I am, you should check it out.


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