Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My fingers are crossed

I've been emailing back and forth with a fellow who has an affiliate shop with one of my designs from my Funky Olive Shop in it. It seems he's had a woman from a scrapbooking store that would like to order 50+ of my shirts, but wants her store name and logo on the backs of these shirts. Plus she would like a volume discount for a larger order. So I've agreed to do this for her, he has submitted my offer of discounted price and we are now waiting to hear back from her about it. If it's a go, I'll make over $200.00 from this one sale. Nice! I hope it goes through, because I'd like to be able to make some extra money for my trip this summer.

These are one of the styles of shirts she wants to order. She also wants two other styles as well -- the Womens Tank, and the Jr. Raglan Jersey. I'm pretty stoked about it, because I made up this entire design from a digital scrapbooking set I made with all kinds of different papers and elements. That's something else I've been working on, with thoughts of selling digital scrapping sets, either on eBay or through a website, or maybe even both. I've always loved creating graphics, and have done loads and loads of web page sets and auction templates, so it just seems obvious that I should make up some scrapping sets as well. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that a scrapbooking store owner found my design appealing enough to want to have her own logo and store name on the back, when I had initially created the base of this design for selling a digital scrapping set. Cool, huh!


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