Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Are you pampering your pooch properly?

What does your puppy's bed look like? Is it a wicker basket with a pillow or is it a beautiful chaise lounge, built exclusively for Fifi? If yours is the first answer, then maybe your pooch isn't pampered as much as he/she should be! You need to head over to Bling Bling Puppy -- Luxury Dog Boutique. Fifi will love the sumptuous selection of luxury dog beds they offer over there. I'll bet she'd love to have her own canopy bed complete with sheer fabric curtains. Or maybe she's more of a diva and would like soft pink boa feathers adorning her canopy!

No doubt she'll howl with delight at all the clothes and jewelry you can buy for her there too! You can get her an ensemble any canine fashionista would love to wear. For instance a bling bling shirt, topped off with a posh collar and matching leash, topped off with a shimmering swarovski bone charm. A little fur breeze will keep Fifi smelling pretty! And don't forget to pick her up some gourmet treats too. They come in a cool little take out box.

There is pretty much everything at this site that you would need for your precious fur baby. Your best friend adores you like there's no tomorrow, so why not adore him/her back with a little gift from Bling Bling Puppy!


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