Monday, May 07, 2007

I got a gift today!

My friend, soul-sister and co-worker was off work last week on vacation. She didn't go away anywhere, but just worked around the yard, and did some shopping around the area. One day she took her mother and they spent the afternoon in Niagara on the lake, which is a cute little historic town not too far from here. They went shopping at all the neat little shops and having a nice lunch at a quaint little restaurant. Today she comes back to work and she has a gift bag with colored happy faces all over it and bright tissue paper poking out the top. She hands it to me, and says, "My mom sent you a gift." I thought for sure it was some sort of gag gift when I read the tag saying she had seen this and thought of me. Her mom and I are always kibitzing around whenever we see each other. So I open this gift and I'm totally shocked to find the most beautiful martini glass! I should have taken a picture. I'll have to do that, but anyway, in the meantime, it's blue, which is my favorite color for glassware, and it has a crackled finish in the lower part of the glass. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't believe that her mom bought it for me! She knows I like martinis, and she had bought a couple of glasses for my friend Kat and her dad, and picked this one up for me too. What a sweetheart! :-)


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