Monday, May 07, 2007

VoIP for small business

I was talking the other day about checking out VoIP. Well I must be living under a rock or something when it comes to all the available technology out there today. I found out they also have VoIP for small business as well. I remember with my old job, before I started with the bank, part of my monthly duties was the accounts payable. Let me tell you, the phone bills were insane for that company, and it wasn't really what you would consider a large business. It would well fit into the small business category. We had a couple other offices in other locations, and of course that meant phone bills for them as well.

Xpander Communications specializes in VoIP Small Business Phone Systems and they have solutions for such companies as that, with more than one location. It sure would have saved a lot of money in phone bills for that company I worked for. I should give my old boss a call and suggest they check it out. Maybe I will.


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