Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm a hurtin' unit!

I must have slept funny last night, because I ended up waking up with a stiff neck and shoulder on the right side. What a miserable day at work it was with this nagging pain in the ass! Every time I went to turn my head I had that reminder that I couldn't do that like I normally do. And driving was a real pain in the keester every time I had to do a shoulder check. I guess I'll be an old lady tonight and put some A5-35 on it or something. I hope I don't have any problems tonight, because it's going to be another super weekend, and I don't want to have a pain in the neck slowing me down. I want to get my bedding plants tomorrow and get them planted while we have a nice sunny day. My luck it will be raining next weekend, when it's our long weekend, so I'd like to take advantage of this weekend.


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