Saturday, May 05, 2007

I've been ranked!!

W00T! W00T! I've finally got a Page Rank!!! This is just so frigging exciting for me! Mr. Google gave my blog a 2/10 page rank! I know it's small potatoes compared to many other pages out there, but after having a zero rank for so long, it's a pretty damn welcoming rank for me! I'm hoping it will help me get a few more blog writing gigs with PayPerPost. Money has been really tight lately and I could use a few extra blogging bucks!

Anyway, I'm out of here for the afternoon. It's a gorgeous day and I'm going out to the farms to take some pictures of the blossoms on the trees. I've got all my bedding hanging outside in the sun and breeze that's perfect for airing out duvets and pillows. All around, it's a great day so far! :-)


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