Thursday, May 10, 2007

Like free stuff?

Yeah, I know. Who doesn't like free stuff? I know I most certainly do, and I'll bet you do too! Have you ever heard of Jaci Rae? Jaci is an award-winning singer and best-selling author, and she likes free things too. So much in fact that she's written a book on this subject, and she gives all kinds of tips on How to get free things plus save all kinds of money on everything from groceries to college tuition. Like for instance did you ever know that there is a David Letterman college scholarship? I didn't either, but these are things that Jaci will teach you. There are several college scholarships that I didn't know existed, and wouldn't have even imagined that they did.

Jaci can also show you how you can buy clothing at savings like 95% off! And we're talking brand names here. Sears, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy and Macy's are some of the stores she speaks of to get these deep discount savings. She'll tell you where to find every free sample and coupon you could possibly need. And with the exuberant price of gas these days, Jaci will also teach you how to pay much less at the pumps.

So if you have champagne dreams and are living on beer wages, check out what Jaci Rae has to say and start saving money today!


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