Thursday, May 10, 2007

Survivor is on!

Survivor Fiji is on and they're down to six, and it appears that Boo is on the chopping block if he doesn't win immunity.

The reward challenge is just about to start, and they're playing for a Ford F350 truck. It's pretty sexy for a truck! Dreamz really wants to win this, because he said he's the only one there without a vehicle. But he doesn't have a drivers license either! Two teams of 3 -- Yau Man, Stacy and Boo versus Earl Cassandra and Dreamz. The first team is having a hard time. Yau Man in particular. Oh! They caught up and won the first leg of the challenge so they go on. No truck for Dreamz! Oh my God!!!! Yau Man wins!!! But wait, he wants to make a deal now.... with Dreamz!!! Yau Man, what are you doing?????!!! He just gave Dreamz the truck on the condition that if they get to the final four together that if Dreamz wins immunity at that point he'll give it to Yau Man. Dreamz of course agreed and I think Yau Man just lost a truck, cuz it's not a binding deal. Oh geez Yau Man!

Now Yau Man has sent himself to Exile Island on top of it! He must be lacking nutrition and not thinking straight! God, he says he's surprised that Dreamz said yes to his offer. Is he on drugs or something? Of course he'd say yes... there is nothing to bind him to his offer. He's got the truck and thats all that matters to him!

Oh cool, now Dreamz and Stacy get to take a whole crate load of school supplies to a little school. As well as a remote teaching office for the teachers. I love when they do stuff like this!

So Dreamz is talking to Cassandra now, and he tells the camera that he will give Yau Man immunity when they get to the final four, should that happen. But his plan is to get rid of Yau Man before they get to that point. See Yau Man. You have to remember everyone is out for themselves now!

Okay, here we go... immunity challenge. Gotta have balance for this one... good luck Yau Man! Ha! They just fuzzed out Stacy's mouth as she said Fuck! Stacy and Cassandra are out now. Second round... Yikes! Yau Man falls off and does a face dive into the stand! Yau Man and Boo moving on now to the final! Boo's leading. Yau Man struggling. Boo wins immunity! Hmm, wonder who will go now. Will it be Yau Man? Will he play his hidden idol if it is him? I hope Dreamz or Stacy goes.

Now the conniving will start! This is going to be interesting. Now Yau Man, who has the three clues for the other hidden immunity idol is sharing the clues with Earl, so they're looking for it now, and hope to find it by tribal council. Wow! Earl just found it! Yippee! I really want either of these two to win the game.

Dreamz and Stacy are talking to Cassandra. They want to vote Yau Man. But Cassandra I think is having thoughts that this isn't a good idea. It's not girl! Yau Man thinks they're voting Stacy off. I hope Cassandra talks to Earl and they flip that and vote off Dreamz. Oh, Yau Man told Earl he has bad vibes. You should Yau Man! Don't trust Dreamz and Stacy!

Tribal council time. What a smug looking bunch on the jury. Alex has some nasty flat head happening, considering he's been able to have showers and wash that lid of his! Voting time! Yau Man votes Stacy. Dreamz votes Yau Man and they don't show any of the others. Damn! Whew!!! Yau Man plays the hidden immunity idol! Thank goodness!! I hope this works! 1st vote Stacy, Yau Man (doesn't count now), Stacy, Yau Man (doesn't count), Yau Man (doesn't count). And Stacy goes home! Thank God you played that idol Yau Man! So long Stacy! Now you can look smug in the jury too!

Sunday night is the finale!! Go Yau Man!


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